This poor guy just got it all wrong

“Suspect arrested in Wednesday robbery at Wells Fargo”

What he should have done is gotten a job at the bank, or a church, or fire company and stole the money from the inside.

Count on it: this guy will get jail time, for sure.

Were he a middle-aged frumpy white woman … wrist-slap – probation and “pay it back as you can” or a couple of bucks a month.




  1. Exactly right!!!! I worked at the same facility as two women that ran an elaborate payroll scam over the course of several years. They finally were charged with stealing 144,000 thousand dollars. While the article appeared in the paper and the story was on television news, their photos were never published. Sentencing was in December 2015. House arrest and probation. No jail time. I was told that payback will be made through their retirement funds. It’s like they took out a loan. What a total joke. Someone defended the sentence saying ” first offense”. I say “REPEATED first offense over and over for years”. Nothing short of criminal. After this, at least one of the two was hired and working at a local health care facility. Astounding!

  2. Here we go AGAIN…
    Today’s paper says: 53 year old woman from Red Lion charged with embezzlement from credit union employer. A mere 252,000 thousand this time.

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