Today’s news … February 6, 2016

today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today  “I say hang ’em! they usually do………….., all self serving phonies that only have the gift of gab! this trash is not solving societies; iills they are problem, self centered, scum that think the only way they can get a head is to step on the little guy, what i want to see is trash like this rubbed into the ground, know what it is like to earn a living, pay the property taxes you impose, then you back self serving administrators, spend thousands of dollars to bring in a transplant from who knows where to be a leader.” – comment following this Lancaster Online article about the dirty school board tactics in Manheim Township.

Second quote for today … “We expect our public officials to be honorable and obey the law … ” – Yeah, you’d think, huh?

  • An arrogant, entitled “I am a hot-shot business owner” approach to public sector doesn’t always work. – Linkedin
  • School boards, governments, police departments, all should consider having “truth and transparency officers.”
  • Borough Council meeting 2nd Monday (Monday, February 8) at 7:00 pm
  • There’s been a tab at Columbia news, views & reviews called SUNSHINE WEEK. Transparency and open government is good government.

sunshine week


  • New broom sweeps clean | a standard-fare comment following almost every “big guy eats little guy” corporate takeover is “we anticipate no changes.” Then in a few months, there are changes. Gotta wonder about that? Is the big fish lousy at anticipatory thinking or is the big fish just lying? Here’s a big fish hospital story.
  • Like that Lancaster’s Police Department has a POLICE LOG at its Website.

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