Today’s news … Monday, February 8, 2015

today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today  “Everyone needs to wake up. This isn’t just a Manheim Township thing. This is happening at many of the school district boards and on great regularity. – comment following the extracted from this rarely seen top of page one editorial at LNP – Always Lancaster.

Another quote for today … “How can we expect a change on the horizon when we don’t make our voices heard before it’s too late? So research, meet the candidates, and make an informed decision.” –  Manheim Township resident, Renee Heller, writes in a column in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, as she reminds people that only a few people voted in the last election for school board members. Columbia news, views & reviews consistently reminds that when only a few vote, the GOBAG (good old boys and girls) system will continue to serve the interests of just a few of their friends.

NWRTThe Northwest Lancaster County River Trail, a collaborative reality, beckoned yesterday. 


  • Though “The maximum penalty under federal law is 10 years in prison, a term of supervised release and a fine.”, let’s see what this trusted employee gets.Lancaster Online

welker tweet

  • Columbia’s monthly council meeting is scheduled for tonightColumbia’s not among the listed municipalities that share glimpses into their meeting agendas in the GOVERNMENT CALENDAR in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. To find out what’s on tonight’s council’s agenda – you’ll have to come to the meeting. Or look for it at Columbia news, views & reviews or Columbia Spy tomorrow – because agendas are not listed at the Borough Website any longer. Minutes are, but agendas are not.
  • Saw a slew of robins yesterday; wonder whether they never headed south this winter?
  • We, too, noticed the Northwest River Trail signage that Columbia Spy‘s showing have sprung up nearly everywhere about town and up Route 441. Spring is coming, no doubt.


  • It’s disappointing, though, to find the trail’s endpoint is not at River Park according to this Website, It’s also disappointing that you have to log in to find info at this site.


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