What do you think? Arrogance, chutzpah, “we’re in charge and you’re not”

Chalk it up to whatever; at a bare minimum, the Manheim Township School District keeps up the appearance that the board is operating “above board” and in the clear. Take a look a this communiqué from the district’s facebook page.

At least they’ve got a facebook page to communicate with shareholders!

Communication Re: Superintendent Search:

February 1, 2016

Dear Manheim Township Community:

By now you are aware that our superintendent, Mr. John Nodecker, submitted his resignation and decided to retire from our district, effective January 29, 2016. The Board wants to publicly thank Mr. Nodecker for his service to Manheim Township School District and we wish him well as he moves on to his next endeavor.

The Board’s next step will be to begin the process of selecting our next superintendent. That process includes engaging a consultant to assist in conducting a superintendent search. The entire superintendent search process will likely take three to four months until it is completed. Once we have a plan in place, we will discuss our timeline, the search process, and how we will move forward with the process of recruiting. Part of this process will include vetting the superintendent candidates within the district and community. The end result of all this is to hire the best superintendent available for our school district.

We are confident in the Administrative Team that is currently in place to continue to keep the district moving forward in a positive direction. We are also cognizant that the district needs to have an acting superintendent during the whole process. The Board is currently discussing possible candidates for an acting superintendent and we will appoint someone in the near future. The goal is that an acting superintendent will maintain the current course of action plans, and help to move our community forward as we search for a new superintendent for the district.

Our goal throughout this process will be to keep the staff, students, parents and community at-large informed during the search process for our next leader as we much as possibly can without breaking confidentiality. Recently, Lancaster Newspapers has accused our Board of violating the Sunshine Law, which states that we have to publicly state when and why a School Board has met in executive session. We believed that by stating: “We will adjoin to an Executive Session to discuss Personnel,” was sufficient and customary in the past. We have consulted with the District Attorney and our own School District Solicitor, and have come to the conclusion that we need to provide more information as to the nature of the personnel executive session. This was a clear oversight, not intentional, and from this point going forward, we will make sure to provide the public more information as to why we are having an executive session.

The School Board did receive a letter from the District Attorney clearing the Board of any misdeeds. We have attached the letter for your information.

We understand the significant amount of change that has occurred in the last two years. Our hope for our district is that we will continue to all work together, support each other, and collaborate with each other as we move on from this point. We want to maintain a steady course and make sure that everyone knows how we are progressing with our plan to find the next superintendent. Our hope is to do what is best for the long term future, not just tomorrow.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at wemurry@murrycos.com.


Bill Murry

President, MT School Board

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