Fox43TV reports “Tractor-trailer carrying ash overturns at routes 30 and 441 in Columbia”

And this crash: “Bye, bye, Miss American Pie.”

And then there’s this kind of crash, from an email from

“They’ve sued the FCC. They’ve run to their friends in Congress to try and kill the Net Neutrality rules. And now the phone and cable companies have sunk to a new low: using data caps and other tricks to get around these crucial protections.

“AT&T, Comcast, T-Mobile and Verizon are all guilty parties here. While the plans vary slightly from one provider to the next, they all share common components: a combination of suspicious data caps and exemptions. This isn’t about the cost of connectivity or network management — these guys are applying caps and limits arbitrarily, concocting plans to exempt certain kinds of content from the artificial limits they’ve created.

“Which begs the question: If it’s possible to create exemptions from data caps, why are caps needed in the first place?

“File a complaint with the FCC on data caps today.

“Next Friday marks the one-year anniversary of the FCC’s landmark Net Neutrality rules. If the agency wants to protect the open Internet, it must investigate all of these attempts to skirt its rules. Unless the agency steps in, cable and phone companies will continue to look for new ways to double-charge consumers and engage in anti-competitive behavior.

“The millions of people like you who fought for Net Neutrality need to speak up yet again.


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