Requiem for a newspaper | “Good night and good luck”

A really good newspaper whose reporters tackled the truths that other news sources didn’t says goodbye. Those seeking truth will miss this newspaper. Farewell, and thank you.

Al Jezeera America ends online publishing.

“Good night and good luck”

“The media’s function in a democracy is to enable the public to make informed choices, which in turn requires laying bare the human consequences of policy decisions. That was a challenge we accepted with relish. Freed of commercial pressure to serve up clickbait, we could focus on stories that needed telling.”

“The way news should be done”– an opinion on the state of American journalism.

coins“New research shows the power of the wealthiest Americans to impose their preferences”

In America – it’s good to be rich

“The United States of America is a democratic country. Over the past few decades, however, important questions about policy and budgets have been decided overwhelmingly against the interests and preferences of the middle and working classes. When the preferences of the rich and the middle class come into conflict, the rich tend to win.” an Al Jazeera America opinion column


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