Last night’s council meeting agenda is at Columbia Spy

Thanks to the  efforts of Columbia Spy, last night’s Borough Council meeting agenda is online here.

Since Columbia news, views & reviews had a personal conflict last night, odds are the only place you’ll find the agenda or any documented any information about this meeting anytime soon will be at Columbia Spy.

We have found no news about the meeting at other local media outlets | neither print nor broadcast.

It’s really too bad that in some cases the only way citizens find out about what happens in some governance settings is local media … if they attend and ask questions.

Fortunately, the folks at Lancaster Online are asking questions about the shady governance doings at the Manheim Township School Board where a renegade dictator-like, free-ranging leader is violating the public trust and the state law.

Very Putin-esque!

Great question was posed on the Columbia Borough Police Department facebook site: If u had 10,570 tickets issues that’s over 100,000 dollars. Where does that money go?

Appears it may not be going into the budget line item labeled “PARKING/FINES” since the 2015 budget is way less.

An eblast item:

columbia Xing

More Putin-esque! But he’s smarter than our foreign policy makers and war-mongering, nation-wrecking legislators. Russia’s leaving Syria.



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