rainy day – spring cleaning

ok some time today to try to get rid of some items, including lots of paper … the result of collecting of mostly “insignifica” – – articles, instruction booklets and the mostly meaningless stuff that men tend to hang onto.

It’s time, we reasoned to get rid of stuff and bow to Grandma’s “spring cleaning” idea.

So lots of items are going into the “shred box.” Among the items are the printed article, “The 11 Layers of Citizen Journalism.” Of the miracles of modernity that can be forgotten is that online items can remain online, so why keep this?

This HSToday article is not online, but was in 2010 and today worth reading one more time.


Kinda’s sad though that the author says “The framers of the Constitution were fully aware of peoples’ propensity toward hysteria and emotion. It’s why they created a congress to stand between passion at the grassroots and the making of government policy.”

The author failed to recognize that the lawmakers are bought and paid for by those who want this great nation to engage in “hysteria and emotion.” It is where the money is.

Finally, found this, too.

Columbia news stock0001front


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