Council meeting agenda and other items

So, earlier this evening, a room filled with about three dozen people was the setting for the May borough council meeting that was convened at 7:00 pm by council president Kelly Murphy. Councillor Barry Ford was absent, but the other councillors, the mayor, the borough manager, the public services director, the solicitor and the finance manager were in attendance.

Here is the agenda for the meeting:

Page one


Page two


Page 3


The meeting was adjourned at 9:27 pm.

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Those in attendance tonight learned that the separate council committee minutes are posted at the Borough Website.

council committee minutes

Go to – hover over “Government” to get a drop-down menu – hover over the “Committee’s item” to expand to the minutes for the separate committee’s minutes.

The listing of committee meeting minutes are sparse and somewhat irregular … but it’s a start.

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  • Without knowing the commander’s intent … there’s confusion. Any firefighter with Incident Command System understanding knows that. Any soldier knows that. What’s the mission?
  • This is just one of the many damn spammer calls … this one though with a 717 area code. 717.537.7372 – We’ve just stopped answering any caller unless the phone ID tells us it’s someone we know.
  • If only our elected public servants would put some teeth into the Do Not Call List! Oh, yeah, forgot they don’t work for us – they work for them.

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