The fluidity of agendas

Seen these items at the DRAFT agenda for tonight’s meeting?

  • Consider request to appoint Joseph Greenya to fill the resident vacancy on the Police  Pension Board? H-m-m-m!
  • At 6:00pm on June 13, 2016 Council will hold an information session to receive information from its Borough Manager and Solicitor. Information about what?

Notice the fluid nature of the DRAFT agendas.

The DRAFT agenda posted by Columbia Spy shows an item “Letter from Jean Cooper, Acting Chair of the Columbia Historic Market House: Trust giving 90-day notice regarding the dissolution of the Market House Trust.” Note it’s absent from the most recent DRAFT agenda at the Borough Website.

AMEN – In Mount Joy, “Councilman Joshua Deering said, ‘I’d like to see everything get out to the public. There is not much that the public can’t see. In this digital age, you don’t need to print things out. We should use a projector so people can follow.’” – Lancaster Online article.

Oh, yeah … did you see the letter-to-the-editor about the sewer authority rate increases in Strasburg Township?


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