Today’s news … Friday, May 27, 2016

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  • In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, The Scribbler notes that Randy Harris received National Park Service Passport stamps for several Lancaster City “underground railroad” historical sites.
  • A few years ago, Harris pitched the program at a Columbia Borough Council meeting. At this point, Columbia’s position as an important place in the history of the underground railroad is not part of the National Park Passport Stamps program.

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  • Sure wreck a life – some children and youth programs are complete “train wrecks.” This commenter to the article says it well: “And this just in…the cops, the DA, the Children and Youth caseworker, the Hamden Patriot-News and ALL the belligerent Central PA mouth breathers who trashed this woman on PennLive are going to hold a press conference tomorrow to apologize for their actions… and petition to get her job back with lost pay … and hold a fund raiser to cover her legal expenses… and then promise to never do it again… we’ll have phlem at 11.”

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