Scenes seen on Fourth Friday


Got a surprise while dining at Hinkle’s last evening – our server presented us, and everyone there, a Fourth Friday coupon to use at checkout. Nice surprise in addition to the savory chicken pot pie and great service.

Ambling down Locust Street, noticed a Benz with a boot; a nifty planter and a property at Second and Locust getting a new window?

Also bumped into Stewart the gigantic two year old Dane outside the ARTS@Hinkles. His exceedingly friendly demeanor and size makes him a “kid magnet” too. Saw a couple reading the notice posted on the eyesore – 208 Locust Street. Perhaps considering buying it or drawing impressions?


Today, though, there’s more to do – you may want to visit the Columbia Historic Preservation Society’s event.

One comment

  1. With all these events going on, I believe Columbia is starting to come alive. It will take time, but we must be patient.

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