Today’s news … Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Where, oh, where has this year gone? Today is the last day of May already.

Quote for today … “He did heal, but he was never whole. He made a life for himself as a lawyer in public service wearing a small Bronze Star pin in his lapel, right where the hypocrites who never knew combat put their flag pins.” – Author of this article, “Once Upon a Time, My Father Was a Soldier,” writing about his father.

  • Yesterday in a straw poll with a small sample, the consensus was the boy’s parents have to be charged with neglect … or fed to the lions in the zoo.

Justice for Harambe's Profile Photo

“St. Peter Church on the corner of 2nd and Union St., Columbia, is hosting an outdoor movie night Saturday, June 4th starting at dusk. Bring chairs, drinks and snack for a fun filled family night!”St. Peter Catholic Church facebook page


banterThere’s a long stream of comments, banter and badinage about how to fix Columbia at the facebook page.

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