Borough’s “advertising survey”

At tonight’s meeting the borough’s “advertising survey” was brought out as the borough is seeking to know how citizens would like to be informed about the borough’s requirement to publish Legal Advertising.

boroughs advertising survey

The survey appears on the Borough Website and citizens are encouraged to take to online survey.

The survey will also be published as an advertisement in The Merchandiser; there was no mention of its publication in the Central Penn Business Journal nor LNP – Always Lancaster.

Interestingly, the borough’s expense budget for “advertising and printing” has remained a flat $11,000 every year since 2012.

NOTE: this comment appears at a local facebook page: “Just another move aimed at keeping you in the dark. While CPBJ may meet the legal definition, it isn’t really a ‘newspaper of general circulation’, and they know this. This isn’t about saving money, this is about keeping people in the dark. Have you ever heard of CPBJ? Most people haven’t. That’s the idea behind this move.”

This Legal Notice appears in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: “LEGAL NOTICE The Zoning Hearing Board of the Borough of Columbia will meet on Wednesday, June 29, 2016.” The petitioners are petitioning to “convert a 3-unit apartment dwelling to a rooming house for homeless veterans.”

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