Wanted – two citizens for Columbia’s borough council

Here’s an unauthorized and unofficial “help wanted sign, though the idea was forwarded at last night’s meeting.:

Columbia Borough is seeking two citizens who will work long hours to become and stay informed about issues that have, are and will impact the lives of citizens.

The compensation is quite low.

To apply, submit your letter of interest and credentials to the Borough Manager or the Council President. Columbia’s councillors will be conducting interviews for the open positions, created by two recent resignations, at the July council meeting on July 11.

Here are several previous Columbia news, views & reviews articles on the topic of public service:

Don’t be an “armchair citizen.”

What happens when there’s an “empty chair” on Borough Council?

While these councillor positions are not “elected” ones this time, this article relates some of the traits that a councillor might possess. Public service places service to the community’s members, today’s and tomorrow’s, first. Personal agendas – pushing for old friends and buddies – are not the traits of effective public servants.


“Harrisburg mayor cuts off PennLive reporters” Pennlive


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