Today’s news … Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Quote for today … “As terrible as Toomey is, I will not vote for you, Ms. McGinty. Guess I’ll leave that one blank.” – comment following this article at Pennlive.

Second quote for today … “It’s heartbreaking what opioids can do to really wonderful people who are caught up in something much larger than themselves.” – From this York Dispatch article about a former Wrightsville couple, now living in Lancaster County, who’ll be going to prison in a slide from opioid use to opioid theft.

Yet another quote for today … This is a bad move but it gets Strickler closer to a paid position with CBSD. And that is always his ultimate goal!” – comment following this Columbia Spy article about resignations from the Columbia Borough School District board of directors.

lancco magazineMaybe, Paul … may be.


Columbia’s showing up on other covers, too. This is the Sunday magazine, a part of the June 19 LNP – Always Lancaster.

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