“Randomality” notes – June 22, 2016


Wa-a-a-a! … Today’s Reading Eagle, there’s an article, Pennsylvania beer distributors say they face unfair playing field.” Unfortunately, that newspaper is one with a paywall so the article will be horribly truncated.

“‘It’s an unlevel playing field,’ said Mike Garner, owner of Beer Mart on Morgantown Road. ‘It’s an unfair playing field.’” – from The Reading Eagle article

What about all the years, the decades, when they had monopolies on selling beer?

Wa-a-a-a! … It’s all the renters. It’s the section 8 people! It’s all the welfare scum and abusers! There are those who continue to demean and diminish others who are somewhere in the lower end of the economic scale in this nation. Heck, there are people who prefer to be renters – there are “elected public servants”, in fact, who are renters.

There are “elected public servants” who, in fact, demonstrate the same characteristics that so many blame on the renters, the section 8 people, the welfare scum and abusers.

People from all slices of life – higher income people and lower income people, renters and property owners (isn’t the home mortgage interest deduction welfare? Here’s a list of more welfare handouts for those in the higher income levels – The Washington Post) – have parking violations; convictions for drunk driving, convictions for child abuse, not paying their bills, domestic violence; endured bankruptcies, etc.

There’s a quote from the Bible that says, “And he lifted up his eyes on his disciples, and said, Blessed be ye poor: for yours is the kingdom of God.

The bigger abusers are those corporate welfare scum! Corporate and local government abusers capture lots more federal payouts than individuals. Largely, these welfare recipients are enabled by the “elected public servants” at the federal level.

corporate welfare SOURCE: beacontn.org

Government grants, from higher federal to state … from state to county or local … from county to local are more welfare programs with, sometimes no follow-through or demonstration of performance.

subsidize thisHere’s another article worth reading: “Government Spends More on Corporate Welfare Subsidies than Social Welfare Programs”

Yeah! Amen! and Yay!, Mount Joy!!! – “Facing community pressure to increase transparency, Mount Joy Borough Council has decided to post on its website documents that officials use during public meetings.”Lancaster Online

Yeah! … Here’s a review about a new book:

“Crackers and squatters, rednecks and hillbillies, sandhillers and mudsills, clay eaters and hoe wielders: America has developed a rich vocabulary to describe one part of its permanent underclass. The epithet that subsumes them all, to borrow the title of Nancy Isenberg’s formidable and truth-dealing new book, is white trash.

“Ms. Isenberg’s project in ‘White Trash: A 400-Year Untold History of Class in America’ is to retell United States history in a manner that not only includes the weak, the powerless and the stigmatized, but also places them front and center.

wshite trash

SOURCE: “Review: ‘White Trash’ Ruminates on an American Underclass”The New York Times

OMG! … Senators who’ve demonstrated “do-nothing-itis” are a fuming at one another. – The Reading Eagle

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