luster – bluster – cluster – fluster

As the Internet continues to expand the information, knowledge and, ideally, the communication base across the globe, the data shared in this Internet World Stats report shows the global nature of information, knowledge and communication-sharing.

internet use

The growth of Internet users and the percentage of users in other nations signals the emergence of true globalization of information, knowledge and communication-sharing … despite the recent Brexit vote and the bluster of “let’s make America great again” … reality is that all the the “information, knowledge and communication-sharing cards” are not centralized.


One rally cry being heard in this presidential election year is gathering supporters from curiously different groups (“evangelical and secular voters, conservative and moderate Republicans, independents and even some Democrats. Many of his supporters are white and don’t have a college degree, but he also does well with some highly educated voters, too.”) who believe that this nation is not the nation it used to be … demographically, culturally, militarily, economically or morally.


This nation’s greatness is not in question. It is a great country and if you live here, you know how lucky you are. In spite of shortcomings, tragedies, recent events, this is a great country. Denying these is not a path to continued greatness. Collaboration and inclusiveness are not evil; nor are they contributors to downfall.


“The war in Afghanistan, now the longest in United States history, has become a forgotten war that has cost taxpayers trillions of dollars.”

For the past half century, in scenarios actions across the globe, a first choice political response has been to resolve it with military force.

One of the issues in choosing to go to war as a first choice response may be imprudeny in a global environment. The Global Firepower Website compares over 125 world nations’ capacity of relative military strengths. 


Vietnam veterans, specifically, and the military, generally, will recognize this word.  In Private Ryan’s war, GIs knew the term as S.N.A.F.U.

Cleaned up, one source defines cluster as: “any set of circumstances in which massive disorganization has the potential to cause serious damage, or a disastrous situation that results from the cumulative errors of several people or groups.”

balance of power

How the world, or the neighborhood, sees us has relevance. This Pew Research Center report shows more on the subject of how the global neighborhood views one another.


The writings of Carl von Clausewitz suggest ” … that War is not merely a political act, but also a real political instrument, a continuation of political commerce, a carrying out of the same by other means. All beyond this which is strictly peculiar to War relates merely to the peculiar nature of the means which it uses.”

“Clausewitz: War as Politics by other Means”

“Everything You Know About Clausewitz Is Wrong”

“Clausewitz and his works”

A compelling perspective arguing Clausewitz’s relevance today: “Clausewitz: On Afghanistan” clausewitz on afghanistan


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