July 11 council meeting; three hours plus, but council’s back to full strength

Here’s the agenda from tonight’s council meeting. The meeting began at 7:02 pm and was concluded three hours and four minutes later.

During the meeting, two of the seven citizens who submitted interest in fulfilling the terms of councillors who’d resigned (Barry Ford and Mary Barninger),were appointed as new councillors. Following interviewing by the five sitting council members, six of the seven candidates answered questions posed by the sitting council members. One of the aspirants, Michelle McFarland, did not attend the meeting.

In the presence of twenty plus people in the gallery, the solicitor, the mayor, the borough manager, borough finance officer and the public services director, two of the candidates were selected and sworn in.

John Novak, a local business operator who is on vacation but interviewed via conference call, and Fran Fitzgerald, a retired Hempfield School District teacher, have assumed council positions bringing council back to the full complement of seven.

page one

071116 council meeting page 1page two

071116 council meeting page 2OTHER NOTES:

Council chambers now have an improved sound system with microphones in front of every person at the u-shaped table and a big-screen flat screen monitor in the council chambers.

Council tabled the vote on “tree wells” – two citizens objected to the wells and voiced concern that the decision has not been reviewed by the Shade Tree Commission.

Council denied an LED sign proposed by St. Paul’s Episcopal Church; the Historic Architectural Review Board (H.A.R.B.) had already disapproved the signage.

Approximately 22 persons were in the gallery at the beginning of the meeting; at adjournment, six were in attendance.

A citizen asked council to consider “bats.” Yep, the resident suggested council consider adding bat houses under the bridge; bats, the resident said, will help dissipate and control the mayflies. There were, according to the citizen, lots of bats in Columbia years ago – today, there are lots fewer.Happened on this article while researching bats: “7 ways to get rid of Mayflies.”

A true example of citizenship. The mayor made a note that he’d not seen in his 15 years of service the number of citizens who’d thrown their hats in the ring to serve as councillors. He and the council president applauded each of the councillor candidates and thanked them for their interest in serving.



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