Today’s news … July 11, 2016

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today … “For the record I would like to say that health issues were not the main reason I resigned from the board. However, I was disappointed that Iris Garrido was not chosen to fill my vacant position, since she had the 2nd highest number of votes in the Nov. election. She would have been a valuable asset to the board. Hopefully she will be considered for the current vacant position being advertised.”from this article about a school board director resignation at Columbia Spy.

  • And you think still there’s “transparency” at the Columbia Borough School District Board?
  • According to board minutes, a couple months ago “President Tom Strickler recused himself from any discussions regarding ELANCO shared Leadershipagreement because ofhis intent to apply for the Administrative position at CBSD.” Has anyone seen a posted notice of that position anywhere. Should the districts’ new superintendent and boards actively search for the most qualified talent available for all open positions?

budget graph2016-17 PROPOSED BUDGET (INTRODUCED BY GOVERNOR TOM WOLF, February 9, 2016)

coming to the meetingCommittee Meeting Dates/Times

Draft Agenda

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