Today’s news … Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today … “This photo reminds me of the photo of the Vietnam War protester who stuck the daisy in the barrel of a gun.  It’s art.  She stood her ground against authority.  She was arrested. She is not evil, not a criminal, not a hater, not any of those horrible things you all are loading on her.  Jeez.” – one of over 290 comments following this Pennlive article comparing public policy protesters.


  • So, let’s see … we have a budget but we don’t know where the money’s coming from to pay for it. Or we’re going to Walmart with a buck eighty five to our name, but we’re shopping with our kids’ credit card, so it’s OK?

downloadsMaryland had this on its money making scheme last year, too. Everytime you download an app, a tune or anything digital, you’ll incur tax.

  • “Board Games”LNP – Always Lancaster‘s editorial in today’s issue condemns the illicit actions that the Manheim Township School District practices. Gee, think other school boards near and dear to Columbia play “Board Games?”
  • What the heck? Found MUNICIPAL BRIEFS AND SCHOOL BRIEFS for lots of communities and districts in today’s LNP – Always Lancasterjust nothing for Columbia?



vandalismOne of several photos of vandalism at Gladfelter Field – from the  CBAA (Columbia Boys Athletic Association) facebook page


moon dancer southern rockAcross the River! Read the small print: The Southern Mules will be there; Lynyrd Skynyrd and the others won’t.

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