Today’s news … Sunday, July 24, 2016 – a hot day again!

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today … “Surprise. The DNC is corrupt and threw in with Hillary.  Gosh.  Who would have thought. Gee, they even questioned Bernie’s ‘jewishness’.  Yep, let’s vote for them anyway, because Trump. We are better than this.”And here we go; it’s time for the other “look alike” party’s convention and this comment is from a Pennlive article about the divisiveness and the “acrimonious split” between Clinton and Sanders.

Another quote for today … “But we’re not doing things right because we don’t want to be caught. We’re doing things the right way because that’s the right thing to do.” – Hempfield School District Board President in an article about agencies’ moves to transparency in reporting and actions. – LNP – Always Lancaster article. “School board’s trouble shapes discussion here.”  Hopefully this concept will rub off on the Columbia Borough School Board with a new slate.

  • It fits: LNP – Always Lancaster‘s top-of-page one article today has a sub-head that references the Democratic National Convention as a “spectacle.” It could also be called a boondogle, an extravagant party, an excessive waste of money and time, and on and on and on …
  • The article is about a Lancaster native who is the head of fundraising for this look-alike party. In the piece, he says, ““I love this job. I get to utilize a lot of my strengths. I feel comfortable coming into a billionaire’s house, and I feel as much comfortability walking into a union hall.”

utilizedWe often wonder why anyone wants to “utilize” anything – especially when so many of us are content to use and to say the word, “use.” Is it just a need to “utilize a bigger word?”

never very uniqueanother no-no!

kid-hot-car“More than 40 children died of heatstroke after being left alone in hot cars in 2013.” – E3 Spark Plugs Website



  1. Property on a public road? Come on, is that not a bit vague? Help us understand this please! What’s worth that money around here?

    • Heck, Baffled, the statement we quoted is as listed in the Deeds Recorded. Click on the “Columbia LLC and Elissa Strati” link the article to see the property listed at the County’s Property Assessment office and you’ll see the property is one of the structure / addresses at 30-40 North Third Street, the home of the Columbia Kettle Works. It is peculiar, though, that the County passes along that vague, non-transparent language about real estate transfers. Maybe there’ll be changes coming; this line appears at the County’s Property Assessment Website: “Notice: This site will not be available after July 31, 2016. The new site for accessing Assessment information is: http://LANCASTERPA.DEVNETWEDGE.COM

      • Appreciate the information. As I recall, most deeds recorded state property at (ie) 210 Maple Street conveyed to so and so. Property on a public road sounds more like a building lot.

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