Today’s news … Thursday, July 28, 2016

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today … “Who is comfortable with the fact that our police department officers all lied shamelessly on the stand in this trial and were cought in their lies .” – comment following this Columbia Spy article about the Curry trial.

Hang down your head, Sue Martin, Lancaster County SPCA and an animal cruelty officer for the county. | Lancaster Online commenters shout in unison about the need for the this public servant to find another role in life. Maybe in a gulag or , maybe the SPCA director for Trump!

The price of “gentrification” | “A city agency’s plan to tear down three rowhouses to build a park beside a luxury condominium project is drawing criticism from some city planning officials.” – Lancaster Online [Gentrification is a trend in urban neighborhoods, which results in increased property values and the displacing of lower-income families and small businesses. This is a common and controversial topic in urban planning.] Anyone recall the principle of gentrification being tossed about a council meeting by a prospective applicant?

  • Higher hopes for CrimeWatch | “The CRIMEWATCH Network is a platform that creates transparency in local law enforcement and gives you instant access to information that impacts the safety of you and your family.”


  • There’s a glitch and suspicion, though, when the data posted by many departments is not updated. Citizens attending a Monday night meeting at a church in Lancaster asked for transparency and communication.
  • Many departments across the United States post the daily arrest log; here are two examples: Burbank, CA Police Department and the Springfield MA Police Department. Long present inwell-run departments, the daily log was an open file for citizens and media. In today’s computer-equipped police world, information posting is simpler and should be seamless.
  • There’s also a glitch and suspicion if information posted in the daily newspaper says only: MARIETTA: Steven T. Williams Jr., 19, of 822 Walnut St., Columbia, was charged with taking more than $8,000 in jewelry and cash from a home in the 100 block of Longenecker Avenue between March 25 and 28, police said.”  Which department filed the report. Where is it posted?
  • A “community policing” textbook asks police departments to embrace “Transparency.” Community policing involves decision-making processes that are more open than traditional policing. If the community is to be a full partner, the department needs mechanisms for readily sharing relevant information on
    crime and social disorder problems and police operations with the community.”
  • Sure, that’ll work | When media doesn’t say what you want them to say – shut them down (as Turkey’s dictator does) or condemn them for not saying “nice things about us.”

YCTYFCI postSOURCE: You know you’re from Columbia PA if… facebook post

star bellcurve“The Fault in Our (Three) Stars: Understanding The New Hospital Quality Star Rating” Emergency Physicians Monthly



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  1. Nice to see two of Columbia’s outstanding business people Doolitte (donothing) and Madar have their properties up for sheriff sale/

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