FOX43-TV reports shots fired at police officers

A thread at this facebook page (What’s Happening in Columbia,Pa. and Area) identifies the alleged shooter in yesterday’s incident. When official communication is absent – social media is not.mananaThat’s the word; according to Columbia Spy, late today Columbia’s police chief “said a press conference will be held Saturday morning at 9 a.m. at Borough Hall.”


The SERT (Special Emergency Response Team) Public Information Officer video about the incident. “Tom Rudzinski, public information officer for the Lancaster County SERT Team, addresses the media about the active shooter situation in Columbia on Friday outside the National Watch and Clock Museum. ‘We now believe that it is safe for people to continue their business and go about their day,’ he said.”

Columbia Spy’s facebook page says “person of interest in custody.”

FOX43-TV: UPDATE: Police say that they have detained a person of interest and believe that it is okay for people to go about their day, as of 8:15 a.m.

ABC27-TV: “UPDATE: Police said they have located and detained a person of interest.  They said the ‘shelter in place’ warning for residents is over and it is safe for people to leave there homes. Police said that officers believed they were being fired upon at the time of the incident.” 8:20 am

CBS21-TV: 8:13 am “Search in Columbia comes to ‘safe resolution,’ one person in custody.”

WGAL-TV8’s facebook string of events

Pennlive: 8:40 am: “A man is in custody after reportedly firing multiple shots throughout a Lancaster County neighborhood early Friday morning, officials said.” and “‘The officers feel they were fired upon,’ Rudzinski said.”

Lancaster Online timeline of events: “Live updates from Columbia: Police detain ‘person of interest,’ reopen streets after overnight shooting”

This report also contains a CBS21-TV video and this:

“Columbia Boro Police Department issued the following statement (at 6:30 am:

“On 7-29-16 at approximately 0325 hours, Columbia Police responded to the area of the 100 block of N. 7th Street in Columbia for a report of shots fired.

“During the Police response, information was obtained from witnesses that at least one person was actively shooting an unknown-type firearm. The shooter was mobile, but it is unknown if the shooter was on foot or in a vehicle. It is also unknown if there was one shooter, or more than one shooter.

“At this time, the shooter(s) are not in custody. Police are actively attempting to locate the shooter(s). Police have received no reports of any injuries sustained as a result of the shooting.

“Currently, Police are cautioning Columbia residents that live between Cherry and Chestnut Streets and 6th and 9th Streets to shelter in place until the situation is resolved. This would include the 600-900 blocks of Cherry Street, Blunston Street, Houston Street, Ridge Avenue, Locust Street, Walnut Street, and Chestnut Street. This includes Bethel Street in its entirety, as well as streets numbered 6th through 9th. Furthermore, Police instruct non-residents to strictly avoid these areas.

“Police advise residents to immediately report any suspicious activity to Police. Residents are warned to NOT approach any suspicious persons. Further updates will be forthcoming.”

Another CBS21-TV video post-incident video


“Police are currently on scene of an active shooter incident in the area of 7th street and Walnut Street in Columbia.

“The incident began sometime around 3:30 a.m. when shots were fired at police officers.”

“Currently police are asking Columbia residents that live between Cherry and Chestnut Streets and 6th and 9th street to stay inside their homes until the situation is resolved. This area includes the 600-900 block of Cherry Street, Blunston Street, Houston Street, Ridge avenue, Locust Street, Walnut Street, and Chestnut Street.”

“This also includes Bethel street in its entirety as well as streets numbered 6th through 9th.”

FOX43-TV states at 7:04 am residents reported shots fired after 3:00 am.

FOX43-TV report at 7:33 am: The reporter says there is no description of the single shooter.

fox FOX43-TV news report just after 8:05 am – nothing new.

click here

Lancaster Online: Police ask Columbia residents to stay in homes while teams search for suspect in overnight shooting

Channel 21 TV: “SERT called to police incident in Lancaster Co.”

ABC27-TV: “Updated: Police searching for active shooter in Columbia, Lancaster County”

7:10 am

Nothing yet at the Columbia Borough Website or the Columbia Police Department facebook page. Columbia’s Police Department did resort to using facebook to say thanks after the event, however.

No emergency email alerts sent yet.

Columbia Spy has more, here.

A post at the “You know you’re from Columbia PA if…” facebook page: “Been hearing what i thought was firecrackers since 3:30AM. Cops pull up to intersection of 6th & Walnut and get out of there cars w rifels. I ask cop if what i heard was firecrackers. Their response “we beleive its shots from a rifel, stay in your house”. Alrighty then.”

There is a string of comments following that post.

7:18 am – Lancaster Online sends breaking news text: “Shots possibly fired at police in Columbia.”

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