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This is posted at What’s Happening in Columbia,Pa. and Area” facebook page: “So yesterday some guy knocked on my door my son (18) answered and he told my son that my landlord had sent him to check a gas leak (which we don’t have) my son told him my parents didn’t say anything about anyone coming to check anything and he insisted when will we be home my son replied don’t know, double checked with my landlord just in case and he said no he’s not aware of any leaks, so last night around 2:30-3:00 am my dogs start barking up a storm like they never have so it was so loud that they woke my son up he came downstairs to check and the kitchen door was pushed like some one try to open it and today at like around 8pm the dogs started barking again when my son went to check a guy was peeking in the window and then ran. So just wanted to make everyone aware of what’s going on I live on 3rd st. Police have been aware of the situation.
Just want to let anyone know that has to do with these attempts to break into my house they will get a BIG!! surprise. So everyone please be aware and make sure all your doors are locked at all times.” Several commenters, follow that post.


Received this news item from Partners in Thyme:

partners in thyme

“The Partners in Thyme “ Herb Club of Northern Baltimore and Southern York County enjoyed a Quality Thyme trip to the Lancaster Farmacy in Lancaster County. This fantastic 5 acre herb farm is Lancaster County’s  best kept secret for an exciting tour of fantastic herbs, for both enhancing your culinary cooking skills and learning old traditions of healing herbs found only in text books and specialty stores. Folks, Here it is, in our own “BACK YARD” servicing York and Lancaster county.

This very specialized farm also offers courses and materials on over 30 medicinal herbs that folks are rediscovering. The farm is operated by a very charming couple who are diversed in all the herbs and quality foods for good health. “ Go meet” Elisabeth Weaver and Casey Spacht and reclaim your health care, nourish your body, and learn about the herbs that have been around for centuries.

“The Partners in Thyme”  herb club meets the first Friday of each month from September through June at the Glenview Alliance Church, 10037 Susquehanna Trail, Glen Rock, Pa. We offer programs, workshops and special trips.


Get ready for an incredible week, no make that, month, at the Columbia Public Library:

1 - neighborhoods


1- juggler


2 - national night out


2 - nno 2


3 - alaska


3 - spencer

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