Today’s news … Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today … “The neighbor also said police activity was fairly commonplace around the Rentas home before Friday’s incident.” – from this Pennlive article, “What do social media, relatives reveal about would-be police assassins?”

Another quote for today … “I can say with pride … that if the whole … people now was possessed of the spirit which is in us and in you, then …  would be indestructible. Even without arms, … would represent an unheard-of strength through this inner will tempered like steel. It is true that this equality which is realized in you was realized only at the cost of that freedom of which others spoke. We have, too, adopted the principle of leadership, the conception of authority. That was a heavy sacrifice at a time when the whole people was running after the illusion of democracy and parliamentarianism, when millions believed that the majority was the source of a right decision. It was at this time that we began resolutely to build up an organization in which there was not one dictator but ten thousand.” – Adolph Hitler, speech a the Berlin Sportpalast, April 8, 1933.

two opinionsToday’s LNP – Lancaster Online‘s editorial page content is worth reading. Not yet online, it is in the hold-it-in-your-hands version.

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yoga for your bodyYoga is for everybody at every weight! Join Lighten Up and Karma Yoga for a special series of free yoga classes for beginners, focusing on body movement and modifications for men and women who have a little extra real estate to move. Instructor Gloria Mast says, “We will work through the basics of healthy movement based on yoga and mindfulness. I’ve found that instructors who do not share the experience of obesity just don’t get it. I will provide you with the knowledge and modifications you need so that you can participate with confidence.”

New students are welcome to join any class throughout the series. You may attend one class, a few, or all them! Classes meet beginning Monday, August 8 and continue through Thursday, September 8. Click here to view the class flyer for dates and full details.

constitution“Have you read the Constitution?” Heard those words lately. Two days ago, another copy arrived in the mail with a solicitation offer from Jim DeMint at the Heritage Foundation. We have several copies and refer to one frequently. How about “presumed innocent?” Is that a Constitutional right?

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

First, it should be pointed out that if you did it, you’re guilty, no matter what. So you’re not innocent unless you’re truly innocent. However, our system presumes innocence, which means that legally speaking, even the obviously guilty are treated as though they are innocent, until they are proven otherwise.

The concept of the presumption of innocence is one of the most basic in our system of justice. However, in so many words, it is not codified in the text of the Constitution. This basic right comes to us, like many things, from English jurisprudence, and has been a part of that system for so long, that it is considered common law. The concept is embodied in several provisions of the Constitution, however, such as the right to remain silent and the right to a jury. – SOURCE:

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