August 8 council meeting agenda and notes

Agenda – page one08-08-2016 agenda0001

Agenda – page two 08-08-2016 agenda0002

The Columbia Borough monthly council meeting was convened at 7:03 pm by council president Kelly Murphy in front of a full council, the mayor, solicitor, borough manager and public services director and a gallery of fewer than 20 people.

The agenda items above were covered and, for the most part passed ceremoniously. An exception was the 4-3 vote for 25 sets of cast iron tree wells.

Since the Market House Trust has relinquished operational control of the Market House sometime around October, Council will be developing a Response for Proposals (RFP) and advertising it in several local media outlets and on the Borough Website.

Wikipedia narrates the RFP this way.

Here’s a template for an RFP.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:02 pm.

Again, Columbia news, views & reviews reminds readers that we audio records meetings in accordance with Pennsylvania State Law. To learn first hand what happens at meetings, citizens should attend meetings. Otherwise, the citizens and stakeholders are subject to the edited versions of what happened. The Eastern Lancaster County School District posts audio recordings of its meetings online. We would like to be able to do that, but lack the technical prowess. Readers may ask for a copy of the digital recording of council meetings – send an email to to inquire how to get the digital file.


  1. There’s a section for “District News” at the school board site, yet one has to have a password and login to view the district news.
    Am I not understanding how it works? Why can’t taxpayers view the district news without the need for a password? Can someone explain this?

    • In the words of Archie Bunker, “Ah, jeez, Edith …” –

      If the school district wanted to be transparent and communicative with the citizens and stakeholders, it would have done that a long time ago.

      Appearances are the school board directors have complete disdain for those they’re supposed to serve. Did you notice they’ve not changed the school board directors page, too ( ) even though the former president has slithered into a new position created just for him, it appears?

      “Smarm – deception – obfuscation” really ought to be the school district’s motto.

      Heckuva’ legacy for the children in the school system! Worse yet, role models.

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