scams, damns and shams, etc.

ppl-electric-utilities-scamLots of people are being targeted by scammers – Here’s PPL’s advice.

DOJ - Baltimore Police

Do police departments “engage in a pattern or practice that violates the Constitution or federal law”? Departments with bad leaders often do … read the report.

“To be clear, the report emphasizes that this is not a case of a few bad apples. The problems are systemic — supervisors, policies, weak investigations and officer culture all play a role, the DOJ found.” – NPR

It’s always about leadership … always! During an active shooter exercise in Florida yesterday, a 73-year old librarian was shot and killed by a police officer. – The Tampa Bay Times

IRS test

Will the Columbia Historic Market House manager be a borough employee or an independent contractor? It makes a difference according to the IRS: “Under IRS rules and common-law doctrine, independent contractors control the manner and means by which contracted services, products, or results are achieved. The more control a company exercises over how, when, where, and by whom work is performed, the more likely the workers are employees, not independent contractors.”


Let’s have transparency in School District happenings.

noThere’s no truth to the rumor that the owners of the Black Olive Family Diner are related to Mike (operator of Mike’s Diner). Several of the staff from Mike’s Diner (the place that operated out of the Turkey Hill Experience but closed – that’s another story) are working at The Black Olive, though. And the parking lot’s always seemingly filled.

yayLNP – Always Lancaster‘s obituary photos in full color is a wonderful step upward. People deserve to be remembered in living color.

makle trashedAndrew Plastino posted these photos at “You know you’re from Columbia PA if…” facebook with this comment: “In just a week it is truly amazing how a group of people can trash a park!”

The mayor spoke about the trashing rovers at Monday’s council meeting. Mr. Plastino knows that photos speak loudly.

“The expression ‘Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.’ appears in a 1911 newspaper article quoting newspaper editor Tess Flanders discussing journalism and publicity.” – Wikipedia

We think the borough officials ought to start using visuals at Council meetings. The wall-mounted big screen would be a perfect manner to speak a thousand words and document the “speak.”

stolen bikes

And from another local facebook page, “What’s Happening in Columbia,Pa. and Area” there are reports of stolen bikes and a woman reporting this: “a nasty POS older man maybe early 40’s decided it was ok to try & offer me a ‘good time’.” This was on Chestnut near the Turkey Hill.

The poster also provided this description: “White male maybe early 40s about 5’5 5’6 bald head salt & pepper facial hair kind of built but not big…it’s kind of hard to give much more of a description due to not wanting to keep giving him eye contact to make him think I was actually interested…hope this helps if I see him again I will b definitely taking a pic.”

bbnt logo“FOX43 Finds Out: Did a banking issue compromise your information?”FOX43-TV

lend a handLend a hand to this Police Officer’s daughter | “The Kaitlyn Briar emergency medical fund was created by the Newberry Township Police Association for one of our own whose family is going through a difficult time. Kaitlyn Briar is the beautiful 17 year old daughter of Officer Michael Briar. She unfortunately has suffered a traumatic event which has left her on life support.”


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