How to find a director of operations

not when its true

This comment from a Columbia Spy post about the “Director of Operations at Columbia Borough School District” is worth reading; it is in response to others at another local online news resource:

“Where did they see it posted? The fact is it was his job the entire time. Inside jobs and backdoor deals happen all the time. As a tax payer it is frustrating that you are not getting the best person for the position. The district needs a leader with education experience. Someone who was and is a life long learner. This is not the right fit but rather a convenient fit for the district. Consolidation is the key to end this madness. Remember the individuals who are running your district have no obligation to your community since it is a position from another district. Just because the person lives in Columbia he doesn’t have to listen to the community because he doesn’t work for your community. He works for ELANCO. Not Columbia, so the district should really be careful and monitor the situation because you lost control of your own schools. No one is accountable to our community. It is simple, this is a take over, which would have been better if the state assigned a SRO to assess the situation and make recommendations. Thry are former superintendents. Remember to be a superintendent you are an officer of the state and the community as an elected official. This person is not. A little scary to think that those who will serve below him have more education and experience but he is running the district. Talent may not want to teach our children due to the uncertainty of this situation. Remember the district is also paying the form superintendent, ELANCO, and director of operations a stipend and/or a salary. How much are we really saving. Nothing because the cost will most likey exceed a the salary of a legitimate superintendent. I hope the board reconsiders this experiment because it’s at the cost of students, tax payers, and teachers. I wish the new director well but he needs to do the job and be willing to take the heat if things don’t go well. Question because it’s your right, vote for a new school board because it’s your right, support your students because it’s all of our obligation. Change starts when we come together for the greater good of all. Come together and let’s make some changes for our school!”

We, too, would like to have someone point us to a public posting for the announced position of “Director of Operations.”

Columbia news and views has been unable to find any public posting for the Director of Operations position.

None here with other education positions in Lancaster County!

None here either!

Nothing here!

Did find this one here: “Neshaminy School District in Bucks County is seeking candidates for a Director of Operations position. This 12 month Administrative position will be available as of October 1, 2016. The Director of Operations is responsible for the planning and oversight of the transportation, maintenance and custodial departments supporting our district of 8500 students that includes 10 schools located on 8 different school campuses. This includes, but is not limited to working with the departmental supervisors (transportation, maintenance and custodial) in hiring and supervision of departmental staff; organizing and both long-term and short-term planning to ensure proper maintenance of all facilities, grounds and equipment and development of both long-term and annual budgets. Qualifications include Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Facilities Management or Industrial Management (or related field) with a minimum of five (5) years of successful managerial experience in construction and facilities maintenance. Interested and qualified applicants can apply through the district application portal at Please include a letter of interest, resume, three letters of professional reference and required clearances (PA Criminal Record check; FBI Clearance (Registration number) and PA Child Abuse clearance). Applications are accepted through August 30, 2016 or until position is filled.

Curiously, we’ve been unable to find a scope of work for the Columbia Borough School District Director of Operations or a position narrative or a list of qualifications, education requirements or skill sets. So, if anyone can point us to those, stakeholders will benefit by reading them.

So how are citizens supposed to get information when there are wide disconnects on transparency? This April 18, 2016 Lancaster Online report says, “Columbia’s Acting Superintendent Kenneth Klawitter on Monday night proposed that the board share a district leader with Elanco in the 2016-17 school year.”

A review of the minutes shows nothing about that proposal: Borough and School Board Meeting agenda 4-18-16 doc (TS)


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