Today’s news … Sunday, August 14, 2016 | a sticky, oppressive, unreasonably hot day on the menu

Today’s quote … ” … it is not slander if it’s demonstrably true.” – Universally accepted and defined slander defense. Resumés posted by individuals at Linkedin and other open-domain sites; public minutes; and firsr-person statements are demonstrably true. Also, true will be documents requested and provided (and maybe not provided) right-to-know- files pertinent to a governmental action.

Another quote … “As time goes on, I’m less inclined to dine at restaurants given the lack of transparency and accountability for hygiene and sanitation.  Although that may harm compliant stores, the responsibility lies with indifferent restaurant associations and governments that put ‘business friendly’ above public safety.” – comment following this article at

  • Citizens, everywhere, are wearying of being hornswaggled by “elected public servants.” There’s an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster that states: “An operator of a popular Halloween-themed attraction asserts that Mountville Borough Council broke the law Monday when it met behind closed doors to discuss his property.”

sun rays

  • From a comment at Columbia Spy [NO NOTICE AT THE COLUMBIA POLICE FACEBOOK PAGE NOR CRIMEWATCH] “And now it’s HIT AND RUN BY ONE VEHICLE, ANOTHER DRUNK DRIVING AND IN THE GHETTO. We are not the ghetto, but we won’t be passed over. This happened Saturday morning between 2 and 3 AM on the 200 Block of South Second. Please help find the white vehicle that got away?
    Apparently coming from Bruskies, can the owner help us? Can the police help us? Can the SPY help?”

internet users

  • We have a higher percentage; but here are more of them … using the Internet. This is now; those numbers will continue to grow their percentage.

Click here to go to the state’s Website of inspections … and the listing of the violations at each location. The statewide directory lists inspections for all municipalities in York County and Lancaster County.… except those in Columbia – Columbia persists in having its own inspection system with its own forms and inspection items – rather than the one used statewide.


  1. And sunshine law violations never happen in Columbia. If you are not in the loop, if you don’t meet at the second boro hall on South Second Street or the Boro bar in North Third Street,

  2. There’s an interesting article at; speaks to the rationale of teaching politics in schools: “What they (youth) need are adults who can explain and explore these divisions in an informed and reasonable manner.”

    Unfortunately, children emulate what they see in adults who touch their lives. What they see is what they do. It perpetuates. If they see political smarm and back room dealings, then it must be normal.

  3. You’ll never see Columbia publish its restaurant inspections. Why? Someone would have to bring the Second Street boro hall up to code.

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