H-m-m-m! an “Addendum to Statement of Work”

The agenda for the Eastern Lancaster County School District’s next school board of directors meeting on Monday night includes this line:

Approval of Addendum to Statement of Work for Executive Administrative Services between ELANCOSD & CBSD.

Wonder what that’s all about? 

Cannot find any draft agenda for the August board meeting at the Columbia Borough School District Website!


Let the lack of transparency continue – keep ’em in the dark, Columbia Borough School District Board of Directors.

Even in darkness – where there’s smoke there’s fire!


Let’s have transparency in School District happenings.

Cole Umber’s Columbia Spy‘s article about the Columbia Borough School District’s meeting of the whole shines a bright light on the evasive comments and actions of the board and the current acting superintendent.

It is outrageously arrogant to not tell the truth but to parry about and meander all around citizen questions.

TELL CITIZENS THE TRUTH! Be role models for the students you lead.

According to Lancaster Online, the “Lancaster County Prison Board announces new program aimed at transparency, efficiency” – why cannot two school boards give transparency in announcing a contracted position; announcing a contracted position; scope of work of the contracted position and the contracting process?


  1. Exactly!! When will the new “Director of Operations” be announced publicly? It’s as if they do not want to announce who has the new position. Keep them in the dark is right and then if questions come up, make the people “asking” feel guilty and start spinning answers. Hide behind pride!!

    • Every Columbia resident ought to be asking:

      1) Is / was there an RFP publicly fielded for this position?
      2) How was it publicized?
      3) What was the scope of work for the RFP?
      4) Where is / was the RFP visible for public viewing?
      5) How many applicants responded to the RFP?
      6) How many applicants were interviewed?
      7) Who were the finalists?

      Actually, anyone interested in transparency and openness in government ought to be asking the questions?

  2. It seems like there are more questions than answers with this appointment.I think some of the school board are confused too about the terms of the arrangements with ELANCO and the so called director of operations.

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