Today’s news … Sunday, August 21, 2016

Quote for today … I have to ask why anyone would pay $ to see this clown?” – Comment following the Lancaster Online article about Rudy Giuliani coming to Lancaster to address folks who fork over $175 a pop at the “annual fundraising dinner benefiting local Boy Scouts.”

fulmer cupKnow what the Fulmer Cup is?  It’s a Website that lists the “documented crimes committed by currently enrolled players in Division One football programs.” Here are the rules.

  • Turkey Hill employment opportunities: There’s an opening advertised in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster for a Beer Program Manager. Also, there’s a store manager opening for the store at 301 Linden Street – College degree is required. [NOTE: Maybe even an online degree from a mythical bird.]

strong towns test

  • Strong Towns is one of the several initiatives that smaller communities engage to “revitalize their community structure. Pennsylvania’s Keystone Communities Program (KCP) “designates and funds communities that are implementing Main Street, Elm Street, Enterprise Zone efforts or other community development efforts by supporting physical improvements to designated and/or other communities that are undertaking revitalization activities within the community.” [NOTE: This tag appears at the KCP Webpage: “We are not accepting applications at this time.”]


Click here to go to the state’s Website of inspections … and the listing of the violations at each location. The statewide directory lists inspections for all municipalities in York County and Lancaster County.… except those in Columbia – Columbia persists in having its own inspection system with its own forms and inspection items – rather than the one used statewide.

  • In Lancaster County inspections this week, “Person in charge (at the Silver Spring Restaurant) does not have adequate knowledge of food safety as evidenced by this noncompliant inspection! That same comment was tacked on at the Peking Buffet and the Willow Street Diner …  and Sushi By Jay @ Weis Market FOLLOW-UP inspection! Sheez, what’s with these places. Yeah, the Willow Street Diner food is not good, but at least the place ought to be in compliance.Lancaster Online


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