Today’s news … Monday, August 22, 2016

register to voteClick here for Voter Registration information.

  • Want to start your own political party? It’s a fairly simple task – just get 1% of America’s registered voters aboard and the “Electoral Commission will evaluate, and hopefully register you party to the list of the currently 54 registered American political parties.” – WikiHow

Quote for today … “Dealing 50 bags of heroin a day ? Bail set at 10% of $50,000 ? A fatal overdose from  heroin led police to Bealer the dealer ? What are the mitigating factors ? Attractive white woman ? The justice system needs a consistent drug enforcement process.” – Comment following the Pennlive article about the Nazareth professor arrested for dealing drugs: “More trouble for Pa. professor charged with dealing heroin.”

cash for legislators

  • If you missed the Columbia Borough School Board meeting last Thursday, the above Columbia Spy article and this Columbia news, views & reviews one – “in their own words” – offer glimpses into the meeting’s discussions. The Columbia Borough School District’s Website does not offer audio transcript of the meeting; Columbia news, views & reviews does audio record public meetings in compliance with Pennsylvania state law. If you would like a copy of the audio recording, contact us via email –
  • Well, it’s a start | The Columbia Borough School District has updated the School Board Directors’ page at its clunky, often not current, sometimes inaccurate and out-of-date Website … but the Website’s landing page continues to show “School Board President, Tom Strickler” rather than “former School Board President, Tom Strickler” or “Tom Strickler, director of operations.”
  • Inaccuracy example: the link in this line, “Columbia Borough/ Columbia School Board Meeting-May 18, 2016″ opens a .pdf file of the April 18, 2016 Columbia Borough School Board/ Columbia Borough Council Meeting Agenda.

internet and facebook usersInternet and facebook users are climbing around the world; the European Union has more facebook users than the US does and India is closing fast. – Internet World Stats

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