Today’s news … Saturday, August 27, 2016

Quote for today … “Don’t make it a question of if you should see Hell or High Water; make it a question of how soon. It’s that special.”Rolling Stone Magazine

Another quote for today … “I cannot say that my forecast for the future holds much promise. There are very few heroes and too many zeros in today’s society. Bring back the stocks and pillories.” – From a letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

HELL OR HIGH WATERThe John Kass column in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster is about the Hell or High Water movie. “‘Hell Or High Water’ is a modern action drama set in West Texas where the distinction between honest men and outlaws has blurred beyond recognition.Seemingly this is happening across this country.

  • The Columbia Borough School District Website: boring, unispired, innacurate and just plain bad | “The school website isn’t just for people who might be coming to the school—it’s a hub for students, teachers, administrators, parents and the entire school family. Creating a website that is useful and that creates both an immediate and sustained impression is key.” Here’s a link to this article:The 25 Best School Websites. – Edudemic: Connecting education and technology.
  • FOR “BAFFLED” and others who may also be baffled | The minutes for the August 16, 2016 School Board of Directors meeting are not posted yet; they’ll be posted once accepted – most likely at the next month’s meeting. Sadly, though not required, governments often choose to not publicly post DRAFT minutes. Here, by the way, are the minutes for the June 16 meeting (captured these before they were removed from the Website).
  • Just as sad is the School District’s unwillingness to show archived minutes from the past year and previous years. Hard to tell why the School District is not forthcoming. Is is because some there really don’t want to share information? Or they don’t know how? Questions as these questions might be asked at the next month School Board meeting?

Lancaster Death Cafe 09-10-2016

  • A tragedy: From state champion to Oklahoma State to Lock Haven to jail Pennlive



  1. I cannot open the meeting minutes on the Columbia school board website. Also the minutes for 2017 are listed already. Is this pre-planning?

  2. Dunno’ – We just now posted a few bullet items about the minutes and more in today’s post. This would all be so much simpler if the School District really wanted to be transparent.

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