reader shared a surprise and some “non-surprises”

This afternoon, a reader sent us an email with a mild surprise – and a few non-surprises – all listed at Central Pennsylvania Business Journal.

Surprise! “ITT Technical Institute in Harrisburg closesCompany, blaming federal government move, closes all campuses”

Pennlive too, carried this AP article: “ITT Technical Institute closes, leaving 45,000 students without a school”

Non-Surprises! Last Monday, we posted this:

Today’s Non-Surprise #1: “State auditor predicts financial crisis for Pa. Turnpike, transit”

Pennlive, too, reports on the fiscal irregularities and the history of corruption at the Turnpike Commission.

Non-Surprise #2: “Pa. tax collections down through August”

  • So “sin tax” receipts are up while corporate income taxes, personal income taxes and realty transfer taxes are way down. Might be time to consider adding more sins to the tax pile: marijuana, prostitution, etc.?  Could have been a tax revenue stream here, for example.
  • Or just maybe, the state could budget the way the average prudent household does!!! Rein in your impulsive spending. Reduce the size of the elected public servants at the state level. Quit with the dumass and wildly inaccurate estimates.
  • Once upon a time in the corporate world, we were challenged with monthly reports. Called the FLASH REPORTS; we renamed them F.L.A.S.H. or “F (bleepin’) Lies And Silly Hopes” reports.
  • Think the state may be working in the same heavily leveraged world?


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