Today’s news … Tuesday, the day after Labor Day, 2016

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Today’s Quote … “If there was a real Republican running against (Clinton), she’d be losing by 40%. If there was a real Democrat running, Trump would be losing by 40%. – An opinion voiced by Dan Szabo, location not disclosed/Facebook on an opinion page quote in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

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  • Yeah, it’s good to be a board member with benefits! An article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster says the two not-for-profit hospitals operating in Lancaster County funnel over $10 million for services to companies “overseen by their board members or key employees.” The article cites this Wall Street Journal article: “Nonprofit Hospitals’ Business Relationships Can Present Conflicts.”
  • Consolidation thought | Rundown on the numbers of participants in all county school bands in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster may give fodder to consolidate band programs too. Columbia’s band participants: 28 – Garden Spot’s (ELANCO): 125.

12 preschoolbeeOne of the visitors to the flowers in the garden!



  1. The new Columbia school district website looks like an offspring of ELANCO’s site. Maybe we will be getting more of what they got and not just a website revamp.

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