Today’s news … Saturday, September 24, 2016

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote of the day … ““I have not had one negative phone call or comment.”  – Harry Klinger, Lancaster County’s director of purchasing, in this Lancaster Online article about the end of the county’s surplus stuff auction. The county has moved to online auctions.

  • The county’s missing a few points with this decision: (1) people like the personal interaction of going to auctions; (2) some people, despite popular thought, are not comfortable with online bidding; (3) seeing and inspecting the auction items is better at on-site auctions and (4) the uncertainty is what makes auctions so unique and attractive.
  • Interesting … we notice that nearly every school district’s (including Eastern’s and Eastern Lancaster County’s) Website landing / home page has a search bar – BUT COLUMBIA’S doesn’t.
  • That thousands of its employees bilked customers points to a broader ethical rot at Wells Fargo. Indeed, its employees were incentivized and rewarded for ripping off customers.” – from today’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s editorial, “Inside job at Wells Fargo may be just the beginning.

monday… kinda’ a MONSTER MEETING MONDAY!

  • A Special Borough Council Meeting of the Columbia Borough Council will be held on Monday, September 26, 2016 at 5:00pm during which three candidates will be interviewed for the Market House Manager Consultant position currently open in the Borough.
  • NOTE: Though promised by each, we could find no agenda for either of these meetings at the Borough Website not the Columbia Borough School District Websites.
  • The LEGAL NOTICE states: “The Lancaster County Housing and Redevelopment Authority will be presenting information regarding Land Banks.  This meeting is an information ONLY presentation to the Columbia School Board members and Borough Council members.  A Columbia Borough Finance Committee Meeting will be held immediately following this meeting.”

If you are not registered, you cannot vote!

Tuesday, October 11 … Last day to register to vote for the Election.


“Oh, you will like me so much.” –


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