Get any annoying calls lately?


The persistent barrage of annoying telephone really adds to the disconnectedness of America.

It really doesn’t seem to matter whether we’ve registered out telephone number(s) with the Pennsylvania or United States DO NOT CALL REGISTRIES – the annoying spam calls continue at an increasing rate.

How many times have you received this annoying recorded call from this really annoying voice?

Notice the calls come from different phone numbers; our CALLER ID showed this number 667.308.9519. A few days ago, this number 717-524-1881.

We know that the scammers, spammers and friggin’ crooks are out there spoofing and scamming; why don’t our elected public servants really do some good for a change.

Dunno’ know about you, but we never answer any calls – we let them go to voice mail. 

Hey, phone companies, maybe you should insist that the elected public servants you’re buying should do something too. What will happen when people just weary so much about this that they just cancel their landline phone service?

While “The government is not releasing cell phone numbers to telemarketers,” surely that’ll happen in time.



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