Today’s news … Friday, September 30, 2016




Great catch – very proactive. Columbia Borough School District Website

auctionDetails here.


Today’s Quote …Come to a School Board meeting and find out for yourself.” – Comment from Randolph Carney, School District of Lancaster board of directors member, following this Lancaster Online article: “Auditor General to launch fiscal probe of Manheim Township schools in October.”

Another quote … “My favorite poem is the one that starts ‘Thirty days hath September’ because it actually tells you something.” – Groucho Marx [Sadly, today is the last day of September – wow, the year has sped by.]

Earlier this week …


What’s with the reports at facebook pages about the nighttime unexplained loud “exploding-sounding” noises in town?

  • “Did anybody here a rather loud sounding like a gun shot around locust street a few min ago.”
  • What ever it was it was loud my ears still hurt
  • Heard it on 100 block south 6th st. Also saw a flash of orange looking down towards 5 th st.
  • I heard it on second and Walnut where I live
  • Same thing happened over around 11th and central last night about 10pm



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