“Scenes seen” sauntering on spectacular Saturday | the Saturday of the annual Bridge Bust

We parked uptown and walked about town before heading to that bonanza of offerings of all nature that’s uniquely “the Bridge Bust!”




bb01It could not have been a more perfect weather day for yesterday’s Bridge Bust – that annual event that draws as many as tens of thousands of people who saunter across The Bridge that, on this day, is lined with vendors selling food, snacks, political ideology, knick-knacks, cosmetics, cures, candles, and all sorts of of stuff. Here’s the  2016 Vendor List by Business Name.



Ample porta-potties and trash containers lined The Bridge, yet that didn’t stop some people from flicking food and cigarette butts into the water below. “Fish could very well be the most helpless animal when it comes to cigarette butts.” Several familiar business operators and non-profits had stands along The Bridge. Pony rides were there for the kids outside the strategically-located Tollbooth Antique Marketplace.


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