Market House vendor news release; Mardi Gras parade and “vision” | It’s “Déjà vu all over again.” | “big ass fans”

Got this delicious tidbit in a news release from a Market House standholder.



Chatted with a citizen last night at a local restaurant and the subject of the Market House came into the conversation. A part of the Thursday night meeting of the Community Development committee dwelt on “what’s the vision for the Market House.”

Rebecca Denlinger, principal of Rising Tide Collaborative, LLC, and consultant to the Borough contracted to coordinate the many facets of the community into a single, amalgamated focus, shared her “mini-survey” results (Report For Columbia Market House – Vision / Plan Survey). She used the newly installed big screen LCD to share her information.

NOTE: We believe every proposal presenter at council and committee meetings ought to use the available audio visual support technology – citizens should insist on this in 2016.

Back to the conversation … The citizen reinforced that the vision for the Market House and other borough initiatives keeps getting revisited and redefined almost every day. The citizen wondered when some of the visions will be incorporated and implemented.

In early 2005, the results of a market study for the Columbia Market House were revealed. The “Revitalization Study” was conducted by the former market master of the famous Reading Terminal Farmer’s Market in center city Philadelphia. It is reported that Columbia paid $75,000 for the study.

Remember the market house was not operating as a farmer’s market at the time and the Borough wanted expert counsel to re-open the community’s architectural focal point. – Columbia news, views & reviews 2011 article “2005 Market House study revisited”

Here’s another look at an August 2014 Columbia news, views & reviews piece that includes the 2005 Market House market study.



The O’Neil market study that several folks referred to at Monday’s council meeting was conducted for the borough by a renowned farmers; market expert, David K. O’Neil, a Philadelphia consultant. Reportedly, the borough paid in excess of $70,000 for this report.

O’Neil’s renown and expertise is significant; he’s consulted with a number of very successful markets nationally and internationally.

Click here or on the graphic below to read the report he wrote for the Columbia Market House. Look at how many, or how few, of his recommendations were implemented.

2005 market study

And now, citizen – after visiting the Market House today for a “kickass Reuben” – we understand what you were referencing when you said “big ass fans.”


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