Yeah, stuff happens

No meeting agenda has yet been posted for tomorrow night’s Special Meeting of the Columbia Borough School District’s School Board of Directors.

The Police Log in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster has a report about a young woman from Columbia who was charged with disorderly conduct at a Manheim Township Burger King; she “became angry over a drink” at the drive-thru window.

John, you got this one wrong when you say,”Also, despite their characterization in TV ads, both are sensible, serious people genuinely interested in public service, a fact that can fall through the cracks of a rough-shaken campaign.” That’s John Baer, columnist’s take on Pat Toomey and Katie McGinty in this column, “Some thoughts on Pa.’s very-contested Senate race.”

Wonder whether you feel the same after last night’s non-debate between McGinty and Toomey. Trying to get a person trying to be an elected public servant to answer the question is impossible. Last night’s TV event left us thinking: Is this the best we can do for US Senate candidates?


Both of these aspirants demonstrated excellence in beating around the bush and non-answering of the questions posed.

Bright moment of the “debate”: Moderator and veteran Philly TV news person, Jim Gardner.

NO GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD! – Kane to the cage Pennlive

Drunkenness on Locust Street and information about Thursday’s Parade restrictions and route at the Columbia Police Department facebook page.

Rain is forecast for Thursday – “The original rain date for the parade was the 31st but that is trick or treat night so that date will not be used. At this point the parade will proceed as scheduled on Thursday. If rain forces a postponement a new date will be announced via Facebook and local media. The latest forecast has rain ending in the afternoon. Fingers crossed for no rain at 7:00.” – Mardi Gras Parade facebook page

Columbia Borough’s Website update on the oil spill upstate: “what’s left of the gasoline plume would be expected at the Columbia area Tuesday afternoon, October 25th.  In order to miss whatever is left  of the plume, the Columbia water company will shut down intake tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.”

Columbia Water Company Website‘s “Emergency Notices and Urgent Messages” – NOTHING!

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