“ACEs and Child Trauma Leave Lasting Scars ” – Rawhide.org

“Your child witnesses violence at school, but hardly reacts at all. You might think that the incident was merely one of many insignificant moments to your child, but research shows that particular Adverse Childhood Event (ACE) may alter the way your child reacts to daily stressors. Even more startling: With multiple ACEs, your child’s brain development may be stunted leading to a lack of self-awareness and cognitive deficiencies. ACEs put children at high risk for serious mental, physical, emotional, and social health complications.” – SOURCE: Rawhide.org



  1. Brian great article on this subject. Its so unfortunate how something traumatic can affect someone their whole life. I’m glad there are resources out there for people to use.

  2. Truly a tragedy, the consequences of ACEs mar and hamper relationships forever. Kids are only young once. They need responsible adults in their lives.

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