Today’s news … Saturday, November 12, 2016

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Today’s quote … “It is an exciting time, as we will be assembling the people who will be tackling the problems facing the country and making America great again.” – Another member of the transition team, Pa. Congressman Lou Barletta – in this Pennlive article.

Another quote … “Not surprised.  Gerrymandering Lou will be out of a job in 2018.  He’s just jumping on the Trump Train, now, getting the most bang for the buck.  Won’t be long till he is on unemployment, then he can double dip in D.C.  Peas in a pod.  Sad.” – A comment following the same article.

Take a look a the specially created “gerrymandered” map of the geography that was carved out to fit the ultra-extremist’s mantra – remember, representatives are supposed to represent the will of the citizens represented. One-time “anti-Barletta” opponent, and Millersville graduate, Andy Ostrowski says some interesting things about Barletta here.

11-11-11-speaker“Some of the things you see just stay with you” – sketches from yesterday’s 11-11-11 Club event (click on the graphic to download and to enlarge)


  • “Inside Owsley: America’s poorest white county”

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