Today’s news – Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Today’s quote … There was a near fatal shooting over the summer and nothing at all was captured on camera. It is NOT our POLICE. It’s the fact that cameras are not worth the space they take up and it’s obvious that these Thugs know this. Plain and simple.”  – a comment on a local facebook page; the commenter wonders why the most camera-ed town in the county has so much criminal activity and no camera recordings.

spy cameraWe do too. Columbia has more spy cameras than any other borough in the county. Are they working?

Today’s second quote … It happens uptown too. I live on the 1100 block.of Walnut and regularly have things damaged or stolen. Just the other day someone cut my Christmas lights on my tree outside and moved some of my decorations up the street. Have had my windshield smashed and my car keyed. So just don’t think its downtown only. – from the same facebook string.

  • Last night’s Special Council meeting (click for the agenda) was completed in 12 minutes; the meeting was convened to discuss and authorize the 2017 meeting schedules. All the councillors, except Cleon Berntheizel, were present for the meeting.
  • A regularly scheduled Public Works committee meeting followed the special council meeting. Here’s that agenda; note: one of the agenda items shows the crosswalk lines have been re-applied on Locust Street; the street was resurfaced a few months ago.
  • As part of PA Act 537, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection mandates septic systems be inspected every three years to ensure the tanks are functioning safely to prevent well water contamination and other environmental hazards. The state also requires townships and municipalities to submit evidence of inspection.” – WFMZ-TV


keep-pets-safe-1Keep your pets safe, healthy over the holidays Family Features 

  • The Lancaster Area Sewer Authority‘s “crews will be cleaning, televising sewer mains to assess pipe conditions and update mapping in Columbia Borough. They will also be locating, uncovering and inspecting manholes” over the next several days. – LASA Website

31-new-years-eveAt the Columbia Public Library

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