Today’s news – Thursday, December 22, 2016

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Today’s quote … Resistance is Refusal. Resist. – Our long national nightmare is starting. With the Electoral College presumably failing to do its duty as conceived under the Constitution (we won’t know officially until the votes are counted on January six), Russia’s puppet is probably now puppet-elect. So this changes everything.” – From Keith Olbermann’s blog: “2PoliticalJunkies”

Today’s second quote … “This is a good thing for everybody.” – Ian Ruzzo, Lancaster Baseball co-owner, in this LNP – Always Lancaster article.

  • We think, as do lots of those who made comments following the article, that corporate welfare is not good and it is not good for everybody!
  • The big day is coming on Friday! Festivus. – BBC
  • Communication with shareholders is paramount | The District has Frequently Asked Qyuestions (FAQ) Read the FAQ. on its Website. Yay, Transparency.


  • Only 29 more days ’til Coyote day – “that’s when you’ll want to chew off your arm!”

and in other news …

  • Nothing about these criminal acts at the Columbia Police Department facebook page nor Crimewatch? H-m-m-m.
  • The 2017 meeting schedule discussed and approved at the Special Council Meeting on Tuesday evening appears in the LEGAL NOTICES TODAY Lancaster Online
  • Some of Columbia’s blighted properties listed in this LEGAL NOTICELancaster Online
  • Seriously … what could go wrong “backpacking” in war-torn Afghanistan?The York Daily Record



Honestly, this kind of crap is posted at a local facebook page … and there’s a string of comments following the “just crap” post:

just-crap-newsOne of the comments is on target: Don’t believe anything you see on facebook, it’s for entertainment only.”


    • Another revenue stream possibility might be a tax on “dumass” under-investigated ideas and unsubstantiated statements. That’d generate enough money to put lights on the mile-across walking bridge.

  1. it is a shame Hempfield had to cancel their play because some one complained about Tiny Tim’s lines, according to Fox. The spokesperson for the school said it was due to class time.God bless everyone and have a Blessed Christmas.

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