Today’s news – Friday, February 17, 2017


Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Quote for today … “There is nothing lower than these self-serving bottom feeders. I have zero respect for the lot of them. When I read in the paper where so-and-so is retiring after “serving” for 35 years or some such, it makes my stomach turn. They served no one but themselves. No one!” – from a letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster by Al Shell of Columbia.

Students of the month honored at last night’s hoard of directors’ meeting

chs-studentsArguably the best part of the monthly school board meeting is the teachers’ presenting the students of the month as they introduce the students and parents, it’s important to see the educators’ affection for the students they teach. The honorees glowed during the introduction comments; it’s easy to see the genuine affection the educators. February’s students of the month are: John Gable – Grade 12 | Jordan Haberstroh – Grade 11 | Allyson Stoltzfus – Grade 10 | Matthew Gambler – Grade 9 | Justin Elliott – Grade 8|  Victoria Martinez – Grade 7 | Emily Gambler – Grade 6 | Brie Droege – Grade 5 | Sarah Herrold – Grade 4 | Izabella Spangler – Grade 3 | Aubrey Holker – Grade 2 – Mrs. Horn |  Brandon Gonzalez – Grade 1 | Faith Freeland– Kindergarten.


  • School board president Keith Combs conceded he’s added the item “so that we have control of the time … ” but consented to review his decision. We hope so; McConnell-like actions like this are counter to exploring thoughts and improvements.
  • But … the board did decide to look at releasing and publishing the names of those persons whose names are on the Per Capita tax delinquency roster. More to come on this.


  • Columbia Borough LEGAL NOTICES to solicit bids for Superpave Asphalt – AND FOR A LESSEE AT THE RIVER PARK. Interestingly, and curiously, the Columbia Borough Councillors specifically noted at the Monday council meeting that the bid would be offered for other types of vendors other than just “utilize such space for canoe and kayak rentals.”
  • Failure to communicate | at Monday night’s council meeting’s discussion about the housing programs being introduced in the borough, several mentions about decisions referenced Columbia’s Housing Steering Committee. A look a that group’sWebsite shows no communication updates since 2014 – and the facebook page has no update posts since September, 2016.
  • Over-reaction to communication | “He wasn’t spitting at anybody after the kick.” – Penn Live article about a state trooper kicking a protester in the face.


  1. I wonder,at times, how many people do not pay the per capital ( head tax). When they receive the census form in the mail, how many people ignore it. Isn’t it for any person living in a household over 18. This includes people living in rental properties and apartments. Correct me if I am wrong, but those $15.00 per person adds up.

  2. Pretty certain last night we heard the number of those on the delinquency report is 2,169 people.

    We often wonder how many people are on the aging (delinquency) list at the Borough, too.

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