More news for Friday, February 24, 2017

Seen anyone like this in the woods?in-the-woods

sheriff salesRecent listings

  • Constituents reject the “elected public servants” talking-down to them during the “town-hall meetings.”
  • She may be right, but it’s not the right thing to say publicly | Lancaster School District board of director said two of the 18 candidates for a vacancy appointment to the school board of directors were “head and shoulders” above the others in an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. 18 candidates stepped up for consideration!
  • Helluva note:  When people aren’t allowed to talk truth in the halls of the elected public servants. In California a Republican legislator was “forcibly removed from the floor” for bringing up the anti-Vietnam war record of the late Democratic lawmaker Tom Hayden.

victimsThese obituary notices appear side by side in today’s LNP -Always Lancaster. These brothers, both had disabilities, were murdered in Lancaster earlier in February.

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