Today’s news – Friday, February 24, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Quote for today … “That’s nice have a meeting at a time when most people work and cant attend … ” – Comment following a Columbia Spy post about the upcoming 1:00 pm special meeting of the Columbia Borough Public Safety committee.

  • Citizens of Columbia borough indeed are fortunate in that the council committee meeting minutes now are posted at the borough website. The Safety Committee’s minutes are among the most thorough minutes posted, too. The crux or this SPECIAL MEETING likely will be the contentious issues (competitive medical transport and other issues) that were surfaced at the February Safety Committee Meeting.
  • Columbia news, views & reviews, too, finds it curious that the Special Meeting is an afternoon meeting; indeed, many citizens will not be able to attend.


  • Fourth Friday is tonightSusquehanna Center for the Creative Arts (SCCA) will feature Wrightsville artist Frank Morgan.

do-your-jobDo your job in Pennsylvania and in Iowa, too.

  • Guidance from VFW’s national commander:Outreach is the Way to Grow Your Post. Posts that are engaged with their local communities and that participate in local events are much more likely to be seen as a positive force worth supporting. State HQs has increased its outreach to increase awareness about the VFW’s many benefits and why veterans of all ages should consider supporting the VFW as a means of protecting their own future. How is your Post sending this message and how are you engaging people outside of the canteen? By having a VFW information table at events—even events that are not veteran or military specific—and by staying involved with other local groups and projects, your VFW Post can attract the attention and support of eligible veterans. Connect with leaders at local military units/armories to get involved in their activities by providing food, supplies or other items that they need during drills and military family events. Take a look at the upcoming events and community partnership opportunities in your area, then create a small team to make sure the VFW Post is plugged in and burning bright.”
  • From State Representative Brett Miller’s email to constituents: “PennDOT Offers Internship Opportunities – PennDOT is offering internships for those seeking engineering, science and technical degrees, along with general government service, this summer. A variety of internship positions will be filled, including those that may lead to full-time employment after graduation. Applications for the summer program will be accepted through March 30. More information, including application instructions, is available here.


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