Today’s news – Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Today’s quote … “We kinda’ hate to see February go this year!” – Columbia news, views & reviews.

  • The weather was so great; springtime in February with lots of birds; buds and bright sunshine.
  • Here’s an email in which the sender asked the name not be published: “$248 / person ??? 2nd highest in county. Time for the Cola. Police to “open the books” to the public. A cut of 25% is needed.” The email refers to the yesterday post, “The cost of policing … “
  • EDITORIAL NOTE: Suppose that “anal-ysts” are talking out their butts?

jobsRead this New York Times Magazine article to find about the jobs that Americans do. Working Americans, as these people and most of us. These are the people who “The Weasel” (Why do those folks in Wisconsin keep electing him?) and the other wealthy’s in Washington want to deny benefits – social security, medicare, and more. For a bigger military budget? US military spending is already far and away the biggest military spender.

  • Today’s the SPECIAL MEETING – 1:00 PM. Ask your supervisor for time off to attend.
  • Thursday’s School Board of Directors’ meeting’ agenda is posted. Two citizen comments times appear, but comments are still throttled by “While your comments are welcome, please refrain from introducing questions before the Board or Administration. Please forward any questions, via E-mail, to the Board President at  Answers to your questions will be sought from the appropriate Administrative staff. A response will be sent to you in a timely manner. After being recognized by the presiding officer, the speaker must preface their comments by an announcement of their name, address and group affiliation if appropriate.”

werewolf film.jpg

  • Filmmaker returns to hometown to shoot his first feature film – “Zachary Will, a CHS graduate, is returning to Columbia to direct his first feature film, Grandma Werewolf. Zach spent the first 18 years of his life in his hometown, Columbia, before moving out to the big city of Atlanta to make it in the film industry. Since moving, he’s worked on TV series and built a wonderful production team. “I’ve always just loved the look of the small town,” Zach says of Columbia. The film will also film scenes in Kunkletown, Pa, which is near Allentown. The film is about a family that goes to their recently widowed grandmother’s cabin for Thanksgiving. There they find out that their grandmother is actually a werewolf. Without Grandpa around to stop her, the family must put aside their problems, learn magic, and steal a silver sword to subdue the Grandma Werewolf! We expect to film in June-July of 2017 and the film will be released on Thanksgiving 2017. We’re currently raising the remainder of the funds for the project on our Kickstarter. SOURCE: news release
  • But in Georgia, you will go to jail for flying the confederate flag on your truck as an intimidation method. WSB-TV

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